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The new Islay Canyon


heard of minecraft?

Do you want to get your hands on one of the latest NUCs as well as some Minecraft gear?

FREE $50 of Minecraft Merchandise is yours with a pre-order of the new i5 Islay Canyon system.

Get your choice of a parrot or llama plush.

PLUS, you get the TNT mug, dirt block wallet, and creeper backpack.

Choose Llama or Parrot

Get the Minecraft mug, wallet, and backpack.

When you Pre-Order an Islay Canyon NUC

Intel’s Islay Canyon NUCs are the latest in 8th Generation NUC technology. Each Islay Canyon features an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor with AMD Radeon™ 540X discrete graphics (2GB GDDR5 graphics memory).

Get this unit in i5 or i7 models with 8 GB of soldered down RAM, up to 10 TB of SSD storage and Simply NUC will send you your choice of the llama plush or the parrot plush and we’ll also send you the TNT mug, the dirt block wallet, and the creeper backpack, at no additional charge.

Build an Islay Canyon NUC, add it to your cart, checkout, get free swag.

FREE: Parrot, wallet, mug, and backpack!

FREE: Llama, wallet, mug, and backpack!

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