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Turn your NUCs into a server shelf

Are you looking to set up a small web server, an internal file server, a server to host security applications, or a server to host your company’s internal communications? Look no further: the answer is creating a NUC server shelf. Our 1U NUC Server Shelf is the ideal metal chassis to house up to 3 “K” chassis NUC units. If you aren’t sure which NUCs to use in order to set up a server, we’ve got some suggestions for you.


The Simply NUC 1U Server shelf

This full-metal server shelf conforms to the standard 2U size and will also fit a Telco rack. It’s designed to fit comfortably between neighboring equipment and can be purchased by itself to house up to 3 standard-sized “K” chassis NUC units. The shelf, itself, is the metal casing which houses the NUC units.  The sample configuration in the pictures on this page shows a shelf with three “K” chassis units installed. The shelf chassis has spots designed to secure HDMI cables with panel screws and can be purchased with a package of 3x 1ft HDMI male to HDMI female extension cables.

1U NUC Server Shelf - Simply NUC - 1U Server Shelf - Server Shelf - 1u server rack shelf


Getting the Most Out of It

Simply NUC would like to suggest some NUCs for your potential server shelf.

nuc 12 wski7i5i3 front straight 72dpi (4)

High End Processing

If you are looking for a small-footprint, high-power server, then pair your 1U Server Shelf with Intel’s 12th Gen slim Wall Street Canyon, available from i3 up to i7. With up to 12 cores and 16 threads, up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM and up to 8TB of storage. The 1U Server Shelf allows you to house triple the amount of compute power when compared to a standard 1U server, housing up to three high-end processors in the footprint, making Wall Street Canyon the perfect addition to your server solution. 

nuc 12 wski7i5i3 front straight 72dpi (5)

vPro Compatible

If it’s remote manageability you need, then the slim Wall Street Canyon with vPro-enabled processors is your number one choice. Available in v5 and v7 variants, Wall Street comes with additional security features compared to other standard PCs, at less than half of the size. Intel vPro processors allow remote access to your server from anywhere in the world, from pushing updates to troubleshooting remotely, safely and securely thanks to vPro enhanced security. Upgrade and secure your server with Wall Street Canyon today.



Create Your NUC Server Today

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The 1U NUC Server Shelf

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Include HDMI extension cables?

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