Configurable Board

5i5MYBE Board Full

Memory (RAM)*

This unit comes with one 4 GB DDR3L-1600 RAM chip. Upgrade now and get a two chips to increase your RAM as high as 16 GB at a discounted price.

M.2 Storage Option*

This unit comes pre-installed with a 128GB SATA SSD primary storage device. Upgrade for more SSD storage at a discounted price.

Chassis Upgrade Options

This unit can be upgraded with an RS-232 DE-9P Serial Port Expansion. This is a great if you need this I/O port on your unit and do not want to connect external hubs and adapters.

Operating System*

This is the operating system that will be installed to the primary storage device. Simply NUC will install the OS to the storage device with the highest performance. Contact Sales if you want your OS installed to a specific storage device or if you do not see your desired OS on this list.

8265 Radio Option*

This unit has an optional 802.11ac Wireless 8265 Radio. We can also install a surface mount antenna kit under the lid or an external dual-band 5dBi antenna kit (which includes internal coax cables).

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5i5MYBEConfigurable Board

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