When you’re living in the 21st century, the type of computer you have matters. So much of what you do on a daily basis in your life depends on the quality of your computer. Whether you love gaming, work from home, or just want the very best in home entertainment or business connectivity, the Intel NUC mini desktop PC is a fantastic option.

The Intel NUC desktop computer is a fully functioning PC — complete with the high-quality graphics you expect — but it’s so small it fits in the palm of your hand! With a NUC mini computer, you don’t have to worry about dedicating valuable space in your home or office to a big, clunky PC tower. The NUC compact PC delivers all the same capabilities, but this small, rugged computer takes up a fraction of the space.

If you’re not sure which of the 20 Intel NUC models would be right for you, depend on the expert team at Simply NUC to guide you. Nobody knows more about mini desktop computers than Simply NUC, because we focus entirely on mini computers.

Are you still not convinced an Intel NUC compact computer will revolutionize your life? Take a look at the three following areas in which the Intel NUC small desktop PC can improve your life.


 Woman working in home office

The Intel NUC is the absolute best mini PC for your home office for so many reasons.

What users love so much about the Intel NUC micro PC is how space-efficient it is. These mini desktops make it easy to declutter and make the most of the space you’re working in. Part of the joy of having a home office is getting to control the space that you work in and to make it your own. That can be hard with a big computer, taking up so much space that you have little room for anything else. With the Intel NUC small desktop, you can rework your space to suit you better.

This becomes important especially today when so many people are working or attending school from home and having to share space. You may have only one office in your home, and now you’re finding yourself having to share the space with other family members. We can help make it easier for you because you can fit several micro PCs into almost any home office.

Despite the Intel NUC’s size, it’s a true workhorse, with multiple ports, file sharing, cloud collaboration, and the ability to drive multiple 4K monitors. The Intel NUC small desktop PC ingeniously manages to fit the same function you get from a much larger, industrial computer into a small frame. That’s thanks to the Intel Core Processor that drives every NUC, making it the best mini PC on the market.

Many Intel NUC mini PCs even come with Windows 10 already installed, so your office experience is that much easier.


Man cheering home gaming

If you know gaming, you know that the quality of your experience can depend highly on your computer’s capabilities. With the gaming capabilities of the Intel NUC 8 or Intel NUC 9, you won’t have to worry about your computer system getting in the way of your abilities.

This rugged computer can drive multiple 4K displays with the power of Intel Graphics, and it gives you the ability to build your own gaming NUC. The Intel NUC computer allows you to play the best AAA titles without worries about connection. You can also choose a fanless NUC computer, which cuts down on noise, distraction, and the risk of mechanical failure.

It’s important to remember that the added benefit of gaming on an Intel NUC is how portable it is. You can have fun playing at home, then pack your small PC up and take it on the road to a friend’s house or anywhere you need to go. Going to an eSports tournament? Take your NUC. Going to a marathon LAN party? Take your NUC. So many worries and problems surrounding gaming in a new place are alleviated with a mini gaming PC because you know that when you get wherever you’re going, you have a mini computer that you know you can trust by your side.


Family watching a movie

These days, your choices for home entertainment are broader than ever. You can watch Hulu or Netflix, play games or music, and even stream newly released movies. With all these pastimes available, it’s important that you’ve got the best technology possible. That’s why you need the Intel NUC for your home entertainment.

This Intel computer can stream 4K video and play 7.1 surround sound, meaning you’ll get to see and hear every detail of whatever you’re watching and listening to. The Intel NUC PC provides an incredibly immersive experience, all while staying small. This powerful mini computer can handle all your home entertainment needs.

With so many options in technology lately, you may feel overwhelmed. The Intel compact NUC rids you of all that worry. Because it can handle so many tasks — from being the center of your home office to the perfect gaming PC to running your home entertainment system — the Intel NUC is the best mini computer on the market. You can even carry it from room to room without effort.

The Intel NUC is the perfect computer for your home, office, or home office. Browse all the available models, and call or live chat Simply NUC for advice. Whether you’re looking for an Intel NUC 10, an Intel NUC i7, NUC i5, a NUC kit on another model or component, we can help. We’re the experts, and we’re here to make your life easier with an Intel NUC.