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CEO Letter to Customers and Partners

27 March, 2020

To our valued Customers and Partners,

I am reaching out to you to confirm our strong commitment to you during the ongoing coronavirus situation. While this remains a developing situation, Simply NUC locations in the United States and Europe will continue to operate under controlled measures with a high focus on supporting essential supply lines.

Simply NUC would like to make it very clear that ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, service partners, and communities continues to be our number one commitment. We are strictly following all COVID-19 precautions and guidelines as provided by local authorities and government agencies. All staff who have the ability to work from home have been doing so for the last two weeks and will continue to do so. No visitors are allowed in any of our buildings. The remaining on-site staff required for our product assembly, test, and logistics are adhering to posted company guidelines regarding social distancing, staggered breaks, alternating shifts, and maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace.

From a business perspective, Simply NUC serves a number of health organizations, cancer care units, and government agencies. We also support Zoom Room solutions for a workforce that must work from home. Until this pandemic is eradicated, our manufacturing focus will prioritize essential supply lines. Our customers and partners will continue to receive the quality, timeliness, and high-touch support you’ve always expected from Simply NUC with possible minor delays due to COVID-19 safety precautions and staggered work schedules.

I appreciate your patience and understanding at a time when we know that you are equally concerned with the health and safety of your own employees and their families. Please continue to reach out with your questions and suggestions for how we can better serve you.

Stay well!

Aaron Rowsell
Chief Executive Officer
Simply NUC, Inc.