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The EasyCAST™ FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out which device to use when doing the Microphone Setup?

To find what the name of your microphone device — Right click the speaker icon on the task bar on the bottom right of the screen. Select “Sounds”. Go to “Playback Devices Tab”. Watching the listed devices, unplug the connection, you should see one of the devices change state and say “not plugged in”. Plug the device back in, you should see it re-connect and it will say “Ready” or “Default Device”.

How do I fix my monitor’s resolution if it scales down when I connect my computer to the EasyCAST™?

You can readjust the resolution in the “Resolution” drop down menu.

Does EasyCAST™ support Wi-Fi?

No, not at this time.

Does EasyCAST™ have Bluetooth capabilities?

No, not at this time.

What cables do I need for setting up EasyCAST™?

You will need HDMI cables and 3.5 cables. See the included gear section of the EasyCAST™ page HERE.

Why do I need 3.5mm output from EasyCAST™ connected to my computer?

It is required to support “In-Game” Chat. It is uses the 3.5mm cable to send the microphone’s audio from the EasyCAST™ to your computer.

My computer doesn’t have a 3.5mm Line In port. What is the best way to enable In-Game Chat for my games?

Use a 3.5mm to USB adapter on your computer.

Why do I need the audio isolator on the audio cable from EasyCAST™ to my computer?

The audio isolator is not necessary, but filters out noise from the analog audio between the computers.

Will EasyCAST™ be able to support Surround Sound Audio for Gameplay?

The EasyCAST™ currently only supports stereo.

Does EasyCAST™ support streaming in 4K at 60fps?

We don’t recommend streaming in 4K at 60fps at this time.

Do I need to have a hardware audio mixer to use the EasyCAST™?

No, it is not necessary to have a hardware audio mixer to use the EasyCAST™.

I already have a capture card, what should I do?

EasyCAST™ already has a capture card inside the system which is optimized for the best experience for its hardware. We don’t suggest your existing capture card with this setup.

How do I get my microphone to show up in my computer’s sound settings?

Disconnect your microphone from the EasyCAST™ and attempt to plug your microphone or headset directly into 3.5mm port on your computer. If this still does not work, restart your computer. If the problem persists, there may be an issue with your port.

I have 3 monitors and want to dedicate 2 of them to my computer. How do I set that up?

Currently EasyCAST™ only supports one output monitor.

Can I use a USB Switcher to share my Keyboard and Mouse between my computer and the EasyCAST™?

Sure, but keep in mind that the USB Switcher may cause some delay in your keyboard and mouse responsiveness during switches.
However, we strongly advise that you not use a USB switcher to connect audio devices.

Why am I seeing the message “HDCP content. Not authorized for viewing“?

Please make sure that you are not viewing “HDCP” compliant content. If it is happening for any application, please make sure that the HDCP setting is turned off for your device.

Why can’t I hear my game audio even though I was able to hear it when SLOBS was running?

In order to hear game audio, SLOBS should be running as the game audio from the game PC is routed through the SLOBS.
To hear game audio, make sure that SLOBS is running as the game audio on your computer.

Should I connect the audio cable to the blue Line In or the pink Mic In port on my computer?

When connecting the audio cable from your computer to the EasyCAST™, using the blue Line In is the preferred port. If you do not have a Line In port, the pink Mic In is the next best option.

What do I do if my EasyCAST gets a blue screen with the following error?

Stop Code: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL What Failed: AVXCx311_x64.sys error!

Please restart the EasyCAST system if this happens. This is a known issue when selecting “Deactivate and Reactivate” in the
Capture Card Properties Menu. This is a known issue and has been sent to AVerMedia for review.