Your Best Way Out is Always Through Simply NUC

Publication Date: ~8/3/2020

The world has changed. Our base paradigms and patterns of day to day experience now include terms such as social distancing, facemasks, and lockdown. These challenges have both effected and affected the world of business in unimaginable ways from just eight months ago. The stress and strain of the current world have been felt by all – from the largest corporation to the smallest mom and pop storefront. We all have felt the weight of the world seemingly increase over the course of this year.

For many the first and largest change has been the location of where we work. We’ve had to shift the meaning of office and adapt to the new “normal”. This change presents its own daunting challenges as we have had to go from working at an office to working from home so swiftly. Most of us didn’t realize the PCs, tablets, and laptops we cobbled together when we left the office (for what we thought would be a few weeks) has turned into the technology we’ve used on a daily basis for months on end. 

This huge change has put a strain on even the largest IT departments, let alone the businesses who have never thought to have an IT department in the first place. While these initial quick fixes did allow for many businesses to put one foot in front of the other and continue on, we acknowledge the pressure and strain this can put on companies.

Considering all these challenges and storms we currently face, the words of Robert Frost have never felt more true: “The best way out is always through.”

We at Simply NUC have found ourselves looking for ways to not just meet the currents and eddies of the world we live in, but wanting to find ways to help any and all who may need support at this time. We know firsthand the challenges of keeping our employees working and moving forward in this unique business environment. With our background as a world-class solution provider of small form factor computer devices, we decided to create From Home Systems & Solutions – a quick, simple, and efficient solution for companies and institutions of all shapes and sizes to equip their employees to work remotely. 

To be either an aid to your IT departments or your partner in meeting your IT needs, we understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach to your business needs which is why we’ve carefully selected several different options and variations of solutions to provide the best flexibility for your needs at this time. Realizing budgets need to be stretched right now, we’ve decided to offer limited-time pricing and discounts on our From Home Systems & Solutions.

If your needs are laptop focused we present the Cobalt SNUC Book. Lightweight but bringing all the heft and power you need.
If your needs are for a fully loaded workstation with a small physical footprint, we present the Quartz Canyon. The first Xeon- based mini-computer is the most powerful NUC ever.
If your needs are more based in outfitting your workforce with a perfect work from home office setup, we present the Intel NUC Bundle. It allows you to select your Intel NUC and customize what accessories, such as wireless mouse, keyboard, or monitors you may need.



We understand that the world has changed, but we genuinely believe that “The best way out is through” and we at Simply NUC will do all we can to help and support your business along the way.

Simply NUC wins Intel 2020 US Partner of the Year Award

We at Simply NUC are enormously proud to announce we have won the Intel 2020 US Partner of the Year in the LOEM: Go-To-Market category.

Each year Intel recognizes the outstanding achievements of partners with the distinction of Partner of the Year. The awards honor Intel partners demonstrating excellence in technology, innovation, go-to-market strategizing, sales growth, and marketing.

In Intel’s statement, “The title of Partner of the Year is awarded to companies achieving the highest standards of design, development, integration, and technology deployment to accelerate innovation, growth and go-to-market strategies. They represent great examples of what’s possible when we, as an ecosystem, work together.”

On Simply NUC winning the LOEM: Go-to-Market award Intel stated “Dedicated to expanding the use cases of mini PCs into new growth segments such as digital signage, academic collaboration and AI. Simply NUC is your one-stop shop for systems, solutions and accessories.”

Simply NUC is incredibly proud of this honor and celebrates this moment with all of our employees, customers, and partners as we move further into 2020.

The best mini PCs in 2020

Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC is a mini PC that delivers desktop-gaming-grade performance in a chassis that’s about the size of a book. Thanks to its Intel Core i7-8009G/AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH hybrid chip, which combines processing and discrete graphics on a single chip, the Hades Canyon NUC can handle AAA games and VR in a small, black brick that can be tucked into a backpack or added to a home entertainment center



James story

Here at Simply NUC we strive to bring technological solutions to all points and places in life. From the office to the home we seek to make a difference.

But then there are moments when even we are surprised and proud of the impact one of our solutions can have.

Meet James, an 11-year-boy like any other, yet just as unique as any.

His father emailed us and shared this simple and moving story and graciously offered for us to share it.

“We have a 11-year-old boy, James who has special needs and a rare genetic condition.  He is nonverbal.

We have been using Lumo play for a while and it has been magical for James development. It captures his attention immediately with the interactive floor set up. Each game provides a different experience, but they all encourage his hand to eye coordination and motor skills. For us as parents it’s amazing to see his enjoyment at interacting and achieving a response from his physical movements.

The setup of the equipment is so straight forward. We have the projector mounted in the ceiling and connected to the NUC box which runs the Lumo software. The NUC box is so compact and unobtrusive but packs a punch to power the motion detection from the connected camera.

We are so delighted with the setup and software and it’s such a revelation that this works so well encouraging James capabilities.”

We are both honored and inspired to know the difference the LUMOplay solution has made in James’ life.