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Presenting the PoE Texas NUC Lid

Our new Power over Ethernet lid allows you to power your device and peripherals with nothing but an ethernet cable

The lid that gives you power

Designed to install seamlessly on several 7th, 8th, and 10th Gen NUC models, the GBT-NUC lid accepts uPoE from your Cisco switch or IEEE 802.3bt dual signature Power over Ethernet and converts it into power and data for your NUC wherever you need it. Whether you’re using a NUC as a media server for displays, an audio-visual device like an AirServer, or an Intel Unite platform, now you can install it where you need it. Outlet not required.

Why Power over Ethernet?

There’s never an outlet where you need one. The costs and infrastructure required to install traditional AC outlets drive up your project budgets and extend your schedule especially when you call an electrician out to an operating office or facility. Power over Ethernet helps you break away from the restriction of needing to either find or install an outlet near where you need to deploy your NUC mini computer. All you need is the same network cable running the data to it.

Your lid + compatible devices

Save money and time by taking advantage of the new, high powered Power over Ethernet solutions from Cisco and PoE Texas on your next NUC project. Simply attach the PoE NUC lid to your mini computer and install it where it works best for you.