Raptor Canyon

Intel® NUC 13 Extreme

Loaded with the latest and greatest technology from Intel®, Raptor Canyon brings a new generation of mini PC performance to bear in an all-new NUC form factor

Revolutionize your Gaming and Workstation Experience

Unlock a new age of gaming potential, with Raptor Canyon, the new Intel® NUC 13 Extreme. Powered by Intel's hot-off-the-press 13th Gen 125W desktop processors in a whole-new 14L form factor, Raptor Canyon allows for increased cooling, expanded customizability, and heightened functionality. For the first time on an Intel NUC, you can customize your Raptor with up to 64GB of DDR5-4800+ memory and up to 40TB of storage, opening the doors to playing all your favorite AAA games at the highest settings, flawlessly. The Intel® NUC 13 Extreme is here to revolutionize your gaming and workstation experience.


Peak Performance with Raptor Canyon

Raptor Canyon is the highest performing NUC on the market, bringing with it the ability to harness new technologies, such as DDR5 RAM, with speeds up to 5600MHz and three Gen4 compatible M.2 sockets to help you compete at the top of the leaderboard, or effortlessly tackle with your most complex CAD or content creation tasks. With Raptor Canyon, there is nothing to hold you back from peak PC performance. Its Gen5 PCIe x16 socket gives you the flexible functionality you need, supplying up to 450W for your new triple-slot 12” graphics card or I/O expansion card of your choice. Raptor’s new modern design with optimal airflow will minimize noise and throttling under intense workloads, and its beefy 750W internal power supply ensures you the peak performance you need to take your gameplay to the next level.

Mini. Modular. Mind-blowing.

Raptor Canyon offers heightened functionality with an upgraded offering of I/O, from its dual-LAN ports with 10Gb and 2.5Gb speeds for a super-fast reliable connection, to its dual Thunderbolt 4 ports for extra monitors, or I/O hubs to keep you at the height of productivity and performance. Raptor Canyon introduces a new NUC form factor – the larger chassis opens up expanded customizability with additional space to mount extra drives and connect more peripherals than ever before, helping you drive efficiency while still maintaining a significantly smaller footprint than a full-sized tower PC. Join the new era of gaming, with Raptor Canyon, it’s Mini, Modular, and Mind-blowing.