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Everything you need to run digital content that reacts to and measures a target audience. 

Intuiface + Sightcorp

What is the Audience Analytics Bundle?

The Audience Analytics Bundle is a complete solution for running and measuring digital experiences that depend upon computer vision-based face detection. With it, companies can determine the effectiveness of their content using metrics like views, impressions, and dwell time, as well as dynamically trigger the display of demographic-specific content using criteria like age and gender.

Included are Sightcorp’s real-time face analysis software, Intuiface’s interactive digital content delivery and analytics software, a Simply NUC media player, and fully functional, ready-to-use sample experiences. Simply license the software and run an experience. It’s that easy!

For any industry and environment

Requires no pre-built templates and can accommodate virtually any use case.

Fully Automated

Requires no assistance from on-site staff.

Operates in real-time

Immediately delivers face-derived information – from age and gender to views, impressions, and dwell time.

Collects actionable data

Visualize audience metrics in web-accessible charts to better understand your viewers.

Digital Signage

Retail Analytics


The Premium Kit

Best for large crowd analysis or

multiple cameras

From $949


Digital Signage

Retail Analytics


The Optimum Kit

Best for medium crowd analysis


From $849


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