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Simply NUC® Pioneers a New Class of Commercial & Industrial-Grade Mini PCs

Simply NUC Pioneers a New Class of Commercial and Industrial-Grade Mini PCs with Help from AMD Ryzen™ Embedded SoCs. — Case Study



Simply NUC sought to extend its significant success in the consumer Mini PC market onward to commercial and industrial applications, where long-lifecycle product support and supply longevity are critical factors.

AMD Ryzen™ Embedded SoCs enabled Simply NUC to develop a ‘Long-Life Mini’ product portfolio that its customers in the embedded computing domain can count on for up to seven years. Customers also benefit from AMD Radeon™ – caliber  graphics performance and advanced multi-display flexibility.

AMD is helping Simply NUC scale its product portfolio to new heights with pincompatible AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R1000 and V1000 SoCs, while benefitting from an open ecosystem of AMD based motherboards and complementary components.

AMD’s long-lifecycle embedded processor enables Simply NUC to penetrate new markets while offering excellent graphics and multi-display capabilities.

The Mini PC market has shown tremendous promise since its inception, fueled by growing awareness for the many advantages Mini PCs provide compared to bulky tower PC platforms. Featuring a dramatically smaller form factor and extreme computing versatility – with little to no compromises in functionality, performance and/or power efficiency – Mini PCs are poised for wide adoption across a host of target applications. When customers hold these ultra-compact, half liter-sized devices in the palms of their hands, the choice between Mini PCs and tower PCs is an easy one to make.

The founders of Simply NUC ( were among the first to recognize the tremendous market opportunity for Mini PCs and has emerged as one of the leading Mini PC providers in the United States and Europe, achieving a staggering 476% revenue growth rate in a span of just two years. Simply NUC was also among the first Mini PC providers to look beyond the consumer market where Mini PCs gained their initial traction, sensing the strong potential for Mini PC adoption in embedded applications including digital signage, enterprise collaboration and conferencing, edge computing, industrial and far beyond.

To effectively penetrate these markets, however, Simply NUC would need to ensure longer product support lifecycles than what’s typically needed for consumer-grade Mini PCs. A two to three-year lifecycle simply isn’t enough for customers in commercial and industrial domains looking to avoid frequent, expensive qualification cycles. These customers need assurances that they can deploy Mini PCs for long periods of time, and in many cases, in harsh environmental conditions where wear and tear would compromise a consumer grade device.


Sequoia mini PC

New Simply NUC® Sequoia Mini

Simply NUC today announced a new range of mini computers, based on AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 processors, called Sequoia. The new NUC mini PC is now available to preorder and is expected to start shipping during January 2020. The Simply NUC LLMv8SQ and LLMv6SQ (named Sequoia) are mini computer SKUs built with AMD Ryzen Embedded V1807B or V1605B processors, delivering “innovation in a small space for embedded solutions” says SimplyNUC.


Sequoia AMD NUC

Simply NUC® Unveils Sequoia: AMD Ryzen™ V-Series-Based UCFF Mini PC

Simply NUC, a maker of ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF) PCs, has introduced its first PCs that use AMD’s Ryzen Embedded processors. The Sequoia units are rugged commercial systems designed for applications like edge data analytics, electronic kiosks, and digital signage that can withstand up to 95% of relative humidity as well as temperatures as high as 60°C.