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Benefits of Fanless Mini PCs: Compact, Location, Mobility

April 2021

Benefits of Fanless Mini PCs: Compact, Location, Mobility - Simply NUC - fanless mini pcs - fanless pc - compact pc - medical pc

In parts one and two of this multi-part blog series, we highlighted numerous benefits of the fanless mini PC. The lack of a fan is just one of several positive qualities of these modern computing devices, and they’ve grown in popularity in a number of fields and industries over recent years. 

At Simply NUC, we’re happy to offer a wide range of mini PCs, kits, accessories and solutions. With such a broad range of products, we’re able to power our clients’ computing and processing needs in numerous market segments around the world. 

What are some of the other reasons fanless mini PCs have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, and why might you consider it over a standard PC option for your business needs? Here are a few more benefits to keep in mind.

Compact Design

One of the key issues with fans in standard computers is the space they require. To operate properly, there needs to be space not only for the fan itself, but also for air circulation. With a fanless mini PC, this is not a concern thus allowing for a more compact design. The components of the fanless PC take up minimal space and the parts fit tightly together in the enclosed chassis. With this ergonomic design, fanless mini PCs can be stored easily in a wide variety of settings.

Location Flexibility

Another major benefit of fanless mini PCs is their ability to be moved around and used in different areas. Not only are they extremely portable, but they can be easily mounted on virtually any surface or moving arm. Without concern for fragile fans or air circulation, fanless mini PCs can be utilized in even the harshest conditions.

Mobility Factors

Beyond the simple portability and flexibility of fanless mini PCs, another benefit is their versatile power input technology. When used in the medical field, some fanless mini PCs support hot-swappable batteries and related technology allowing for autonomous control over the PC and other peripherals such as a printer, keyboard, or barcode reader. Hot-swappable batteries remove dependence on electrical outlets or battery-powered carts to power medical equipment enabling 24/7 computing power from anywhere in the facility.

For more on the benefits of a fanless mini PC or to learn about any of our other mini PC offerings, speak to sales at Simply NUC today. 

Simply NUC, Inc. is a systems integrator specializing in mini computers. Simply NUC provides fully configured, warranted, and supported mini PC systems to businesses and consumers, as well as end-to-end NUC project development, custom operating system installations, and NUC accessories.