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Why Mini PCs are Ideal for Library & Lab Solutions

August 2022

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Do you work in a library or laboratory? If so, you know that a powerful and reliable computer is essential to do your job efficiently and effectively. Mini PCs are the perfect solution for this type of environment. Their compact, space-saving design makes them small enough to fit on any desk or be entirely hidden out of sight. So why not give Intel NUCs a try? You may be surprised at how well they can perform!

Mini PCs Are Quiet & Durable

Many Intel NUC models don’t require fans and are tested for 24/7 operation, making them a much quieter and more reliable choice than tower PCs or laptops. Ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as libraries or labs, mini PCs can facilitate the silent working environment you need to concentrate and focus on your work. 

Another reason mini PCs are quiet and reliable is that they use solid state drives (SSDs) instead of traditional hard drives. SSDs don’t have moving parts, so they are durable and function in silence. This can be a big advantage over conventional hard drives, which are often noisy and can be one of the first failure points in a computer system.

Additionally, mini PCs are surprisingly powerful machines that can run analyses and simulations in laboratories. Some mini PCs even accommodate graphics cards for imaging and rendering with up to 24TB of SSD storage for all your byte-hungry models and files.  Whether you use an Intel NUC 10, Intel NUC 11, or Intel NUC 12, your mini PC will surely be able to handle any type of library or lab work.

Mini PCs Stay Cool & Consume Less Power

Another key advantage of using a mini PC is that they normally stay cool even after prolonged use. This is due to their compact design using mobile components, which run cooler than larger PC towers and laptop PCs.  Less heat, especially in a lab or library environment requiring many computers, will result in lower air conditioning bills for your facility as well as a more comfortable environment for your employees, students, and customers.

Mini PCs also require less power than traditional tower PCs and can lower your electricity costs by up to 50% compared to similarly configured desktops. Organizations that use small form factor PCs enjoy lower energy bills while making your lab and library environments more productive and comfortable. 

Mini PCs are Small & Take Up Minimal Space

Intel NUCs are much smaller than traditional PC towers and can be easily mounted to walls, desks, lab benches, or behind monitors, helping you to minimize clutter and use the limited space in your library or lab more effectively. Despite their small footprint, mini PCs still offer the same power and performance as most PC towers or laptops. And since they are so small, mini PCs are portable and can easily be transported between your home and library or lab. With mini PCs, enjoy all the power without the tower.

Powerful Mini PCs for Libraries & Laboratories by Simply NUC

If you work in a library or lab, you know that you need a powerful computer to tackle all your tasks in a timely manner. Mini computers are the perfect solution! They’re affordable, they’re efficient, they’re powerful, and they’re small enough to transport and fit into any space. 

So why not give mini PCs a try? You may be surprised at how well they can perform! And if you’re looking for the best mini PC option, look at our Simply NUC mini PCs. These computers are built for performance and can handle anything you throw their way. So what are you waiting for? Try out a mini PC today! 

Simply NUC, Inc. is a systems integrator specializing in mini computers. Simply NUC provides fully configured, warranted, and supported mini PC systems to businesses and consumers, as well as end-to-end NUC project development, custom operating system installations, and NUC accessories.