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Your Branding, Your Products!

Simply NUC is happy to offer custom branding. Our typical branding solutions include lid customization, custom documents that can be shipped with units, custom packaging for the unit itself, and custom shipping boxes into which multiple units can be shipped.

Simply NUC can also add branding to the BIOS screens and to different parts of the operating system. Contact us to learn more about any of our branding capabilities!

Please note the following:

  • Each new custom branding order will incur a first article cost. This is the cost of machine usage and labor to account for the creation of the first series of the custom branded materials. Once the first article cost is paid, additional orders of materials branded using the same artwork will not incur this cost.
  • Both the cost of an order for branded materials and the first article cost are dependent upon complexity of the request, availability of materials, the time frame for delivery, and potentially unforeseen expenses which will be quoted and explained if and when they are applicable.
  • Color matching with silkscreen is difficult, especially with yellow. Your colors will match more properly using inkjet printing, especially when using yellow.
  • Inkjet printing on glossy lids is problematic. For this reason, we will always use a matte lid for inkjet printing.
  • Currently, 8th generation NUC lids are glossy. Branding these lids will cost an additional $5.50 per lid, to paint them matte, with a minimum order of $150.

BIOs Customization Examples

Simply NUC can brand your unit’s BIOs with a splash screen that appears before the operating system loads.

AirServer Custom BIOs Splash Image

Lid Customization Examples

Here are ways that we typically brand NUC lids.


(Single Color)

Laser Etch

(K/H Chassis)

Laser Etch

(Etched over the LEDs on Skull Canyon and Hades Canyon)


(Multiple Colors)


Standard-sized NUC Lids

For reference, these are typical NUC lids.

*Note: Raised lids will cost more for branding.





Custom Packaging

Simply NUC can brand the box that the NUC goes into, the shipping box that multiple NUCs go into, and documents to be shipped with your units.

Custom NUC Boxes

Custom Shipping Boxes

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Simply NUC always does everything in our power to please our customers.

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