The Value of Innovative Business Solutions

Unveil the strategic transformation of the Columbus Arena, catalyzed by the adoption of AirServer, a state-of-the-art wireless screen sharing appliance, in revolutionizing the training and performance of its esteemed hockey team. Through this compelling case study, explore how AirServer facilitated a seamless exchange of critical game data and strategic insights, fostering a culture of collaborative learning and accelerated decision-making within the team.

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Enhancing Security Solutions with Robust Surveillance: A Partnership for Success

Enhancing Security Solutions
with Robust Surveillance

In an era where safety and security are paramount, organizations are turning to cutting-edge technology solutions to combat crime and protect their communities. Vetted Security Solutions, a leading integrator of security solutions, has partnered with Simply NUC, a global supplier of mini PCs and provider of Intel NUCs, to deliver highly reliable and customized security solutions for law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and academic professionals. 

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