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Make your school library or computer lab a fun and engaging spot for learning with Simply NUC Mini PCs.


Out of sight – at full power. That’s our promise.


Take control of your library.  Remove the noise and clutter with uber-quiet Simply NUC Mini PCs. Where there’s students, there’s backpacks, papers, and other loose clutter – they need every bit of room they can get! Give them the space and efficiency they need with the innovative space-saving solution of a mini-PC, tucked safely out of sight, so your students can focus on learning.

Quartz Canyon

Designed to be the smallest workstation available to support desktop graphics, Quartz Canyon gives you unsurpassed performance in a sleek, compact chassis that can sit on a desktop or behind a monitor.

Tiger Canyon

Built with the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors, Tiger Canyon delivers the performance and innovation for small space and embedded solutions.

Wall Street Canyon

Experience outsized performance for educational applications, and rely upon the ability to easily transfer files with high-speed connection options.


It’s like magic.  Make your computers disappear – less is more with Simply NUC Mini PCs.

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