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Gaming NUCs

We’ve got what you need for gaming- experience powerful performance in a small package

We get it – we’re gamers too. You don’t want to sacrifice performance – and with the mini PC format, you won’t have to. Customize your gaming experience with the Beast Canyon and its ability to handle a selection of many different discrete graphics cards, or invest in the pre-made VR-ready powerhouse that is the Phantom Canyon – the choice is yours. Whatever your needs are, and whatever your game is – we’ve got your back.

Beast Canyon

Beast Canyon will provide brilliant 4K and VR experiences at home. Enjoy portable desktop performance in a small form factor. Beast Canyon comes with upgradeable components including compute blade options with configurable memory and storage. Beastly performance – this mini

Phantom Canyon

Phantom Canyon delivers High-End Gaming Class Graphics in a cost-, power-, and space-efficient package. Featuring the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 processor making it perfect for Video Editing, Video Rendering, Graphics Editing, and Serious High End Business Applications, while running multiple applications at the same time.

The Chronos SNUC Book

​Focus-tested and player-approved, the​ Chronos​ is a gaming laptop that stands alone. Sleek, fast, and powerful, the ​Chronos​ SNUC Book will get you immersed in your gaming experience.

Don’t skimp on quality-
or on frames

Immerse yourself in third-party discrete graphics to power your game play and envelop yourself in a stunning 3D environment with a stunningly small form factor. Tuck it out of sight or throw it in your backpack and head off to a LAN party—no heavy lifting required.



Experience sensational graphics, powerful VR gaming, and the ability to play on multiple screens simultaneously, all in a system small enough to take with you.